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This help center is here to answer some of the most frequently asked questions regarding CouponSurfer Dining Rewards. If you don't find an answer to your question here, please contact us here or email us at support@couponsurfer.com.


To add a credit card to your CouponSurfer Dining Rewards account, please go to Add A Card.. We recommend adding multiple cards so you maximize your cash back (you never have to worry if you are using the right card).
We'll email you letting you know how much you earned. Most of the time you will get the email within a few minutes of paying with your linked card.
You must process your debit card as a credit transaction to trigger the cash back reward. Most establishments will give you the choice between debit or credit and in those cases, specify credit. If you are ever unsure of how it will be processed, just ask them to process it as a credit transaction.
Yes! As long as the gift card has an accepted credit card company logo included (for now, American Express and Mastercard) you can link it as one of your rewards cards. Don't have a gift card, order them here with free shipping.
Most of the time, Yes! Just be aware that the rewards amount will reflect the bill total after the coupon has been taken off.
In order for you to be eligible for a monthly payment your account balance must be above $10. If you are under $10, the account balance will roll over to the next month and be paid out when you go over the $10 amount. Once that happens, you qualify for a monthly payment. Payments are processed on the 8th of each month in order to allow all the transactions from the previous month to clear. Payments will be deposited as a statement credit onto your primary card on file between the 10th-17th of the month.
Well the good news is, if your new updated card has the same number as your old expired card, there's no need to update it. It will work fine with a new expiration date. The same thing with the 3 digit security code.

If the new card has a different number then you can go to manage card settings, where you can add new cards, delete any old cards and select which card you want to be your primary card which is where your payments will be made to.
We like you're thinking! You want to register all your cards to make sure you don't miss out on any earnings, are we right?! So go ahead and register as many as you like, we have no limit! Be sure to link both personal and business cards. Please remember that your primary card will be where your payments are deposited to.
To view the cards your CouponSurfer Dining Rewards account, please go to Manage Cards. From here you can view all your linked cards, select which card you want to be your primary card and add and remove cards as needed.
If you are ordering at a participating restaurant online, please note that most restaurants use external resources to facilitate the online ordering. If you are entering your credit or debit card online, please call the restaurant to make sure that they run their online orders through their credit card machine. If they do not run them through their own credit card machine, you will not receive CouponSurfer Rewards cash-back.
Awesome! We are looking to add to our Dining Rewards Family. You can either throw up a smoke signal and hope we see it, or you can just contact us please contact us here or email support@couponsurfer.com.
We are thrilled that you want to get your favorite restaurant involved! Just have them contact us at please contact us here or email support@couponsurfer.com.
If you see this message, try linking the card in a incognito windows or with another browser. If you are still getting the error, please contact us right away and we will help you get the card linked.
Sorry, at this time we do not accept enrollment of cards from outside the United States.

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