Why am I receiving a message that Java is not installed on my computer, but I am sure it is?

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If you receive this message and are sure that Java is already on your computer, it is likely that the version you have is out of date. You can use this link to see if the Java version you have installed on your computer is the most recent version available. If it is determined that you have an outdated version the most recent version will be downloaded and any outdated versions will be removed from you computer.

If you confirm that your Java is up-to-date but are still prompted to install it, you may be running on a 64-bit browser with a 32-bit version of Java (Instructions for checking which bit browser you are running). In this case, you will need to download the 64-bit version of Java in addition to the 32-bit version you already have. Click here to being the 64-bit Java Download. Once the additional version of Java is installed you should be able to print your coupons.

If you have tried the troubleshooting tips above, but are still having trouble printing your coupons - please let us know by submitting this form and we will assist you further in resolving your problem.

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