What is the Coupon Print List?

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The Coupon Print List is the list of coupons that is created by coupons you select as you browse CouponSurfer.

When browsing our individual grocery categories you have the option to easily add grocery coupons to your Coupon Print List by selecting the green 'Add to Print List' button. This will add the specific coupon to your print list so you can continue to browse for additional coupons.

You can double check what you've already added at any time by selecting the green 'View Print List' button on the coupon pages, or by selecting 'View Print List' from the drop-down menu under Coupon Tools.

When you are viewing your print list you are able to remove any coupons you decide you no longer want, remove all coupons to start fresh, navigate to other parts of our site to continue to browse, enter your email to have the selected coupons emailed to yourself to print later or you can simply proceed to print your selected coupons.

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