Is there anything I need to know about coupons if I'm just getting started?

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You know the saying, "If it sounds too good to be true, it is"? Well, it's true! Here are a few rules about how coupons work. Some are obvious, a few are less well known:

  1. You can't photocopy coupons.
  2. You can't scan coupons back into your computer to make copies.
  3. You can't alter or remove any of the language or codes on a coupon.
  4. You can't invent your own coupons and pretend they're real.
  5. You can't give your coupons to anyone else. Many people don't understand this. The "not transferable" language printed on grocery coupons means that it is not legal to give your coupons to anyone else. This makes buying and selling coupons through auction sites, such as eBay, illegal. You can't get around the rule by saying that you're selling your time instead of the coupons for auctions (some people are very creative, but still wrong).

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