How do I redeem the coupons available on CouponSurfer?

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There are three different types of coupons available on, all of which are redeemed in different ways.

Printable Grocery Coupons

These are the most popular coupons available on CouponSurfer. Simply add the grocery coupons you want to your print list while browsing the site. When you are satisfied with your selection, print them and then redeem them at your local grocery store. Most coupons are manufacturer coupons to use at any store that accepts coupons, however some coupons are store specific. This will be stated on the coupon itself, when applicable.

Online Shopping Coupons

Online shopping coupons are very easy to use. Simply browse through our selection of online shopping brands, categories or top deals. When you find a brand or offer that interests you, just click on the Shop Now button to be automatcially taken to that brands website. Once you have everything you want in your shopping cart and are ready to check out, you may need to enter the coupon code manually, but sometimes the code will automatcially be applied to your shopping cart. Either way, just be sure the coupon code is entered before you submit your order so you receive your discount.

Save to Card Coupons

Save to card coupons refer to both loyalty/savings cards and credit cards. Regardless of the card type, all save to card coupons are redeemed in the same way. To activate a save to card coupon, simply select the coupon, then enter in your loyalty/savings card or credit card number which will 'link' the coupon to your card. Then when you check out, be sure to have it scanned at the start of your grocery order if you linked it to your loyalty/savings card or if you linked to your credit card, be sure to use the specific credit card it's linked to.

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