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  1. How can I display food coupons only?
  2. How can I print coupons without a cell phone number?
  3. How come all of the coupons I selected didn't print?
  4. How come my grocery store won't accept my printed coupon?
  5. How do I print coupons from my phone or tablet?
  6. How do I redeem the coupons available on CouponSurfer?
  7. How do I uninstall the Coupon Printer?
  8. How many times can I print a coupon?
  9. I had a problem with my printer, can you reactivate my coupons for me?
  10. I'm running Linux... Can I print grocery coupons?
  11. What is the Coupon Print List?
  12. What operating systems & browsers are supported by the coupon printer?
  13. Where can I print coupons without downloading software?
  14. Why am I receiving a message that Java is not installed on my computer, but I am sure it is?
  15. Why am I repeatedly prompted to install the Coupon Printer?
  16. Why can't I install the coupon printer?
  17. Why do I keep getting an error message about the 'Default Printer'?
  18. Why do I now need a verification code to print some grocery coupons?
  19. Why does the printing process stall on the 'Sending to Printer' screen without ever printing my coupons?
  20. Why won't my coupons print?
  21. Why won't my grocery coupons display?
  22. Why won't my Red Plum coupons print?

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