Can I stay updated on the latest grocery coupons with Facebook & Twitter?

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CouponSurfer has both a Facebook & Twitter account and we encourage users to stay up-to-date with the latest grocery coupons & CouponSurfer news through these social sites. Below are the best ways to stay updated for each platform:


By clicking the 'Like' button below, you will be kept in the loop with anything we post to our Facebook page. This can be anything from a new blog post or some hot new coupons, to news about CouponSurfer and the printable grocery coupon industry.


Our twitter handle is @grocerycoupons and you can opt-in to follow us by clicking the follow button below. By following us on Twitter, you will have instant access to a real-time feed of the different grocery coupons that we publish on CouponSurfer daily so you can easily favorite & retweet the coupons you love! Have something you'd like to say to us or comment on? You can Tweet to us using the button below!

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