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Sorry, coupons for Wendy's are no longer available. We're hoping for new ones soon.

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Print a coupon for $1 off one box of Wendy's Kellogg's Frosty Chocolatey Cereal

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Charlie's Wendy's story (Who is Charlie?)

Do you want to know how cheap the founders of CouponSurfer are? When we were 19, we didn't want to spend 25 cents on a pay phone but we knew that if you made a call and hung up within 3 seconds you would get your quarter back. So we used to call our friends and say where we were really fast to get our quarter back and then wait for our friends to meet us. One time we wanted Sander to meet us at Wendy's on 99th street to get some chicken so we did this. After trying this several times and Sander not showing up, we broke down and spent a quarter to make a call. When Sander answered the phone he said "Who the heck is Wendy 99?". Now we just ask for The Crazy Chicken.  

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