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Charlie's Old Navy story (Who is Charlie?)

One Sunday when I was four years old, my parents had leftovers from a Saturday night party so they piled it, along with bathing suits into our gray speckled cardboard suitcase and off we went to Coney Island on the subway. At 42nd street we transferred to the Sea Beach Express which was 10 minutes faster than the West End express and local. My parents rushed to the train and in the process I got caught between the subway doors. I cried a little but was okay. The conductor took our names and a passenger said she would be happy to be our witness if we decided to make a claim. When the case came up for a hearing, my mother told me tell exactly what happened and if I did a good job I would get a new snowsuit. When I was questioned, the attorney looked very much like the grinning face outside Steeplechase Park. He asked me what I would do if I received the money. I began to cry and told him I was to get a new snowsuit. Rather than be viewed as a monster, he settled quickly, just in time for winter when I needed that snowsuit.  

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