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Charlie's Minute Maid story (Who is Charlie?)

When I was in college, a friend of mine was selling Frozade (Frozen Lemonade) from a cart on 58th street. Me and my friends went to visit him one day. When we got to his cart he had taken a break and had the Chipwich guy watching his cart. We made a deal with the Chipwich guy and hid my friends cart behind a van across the street. When our friend got back the Chipwich guy told him that the sanitation department had taken his cart away. We watched our friend jumping up and down and cursing through the reflection in FAO Schwatz's window before we came out from behind the van. Boy, was he happy to see us. Another time I pulled the vat out of his cart and drank all the melted frozen lemonade from the bottom but thats another story.  

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