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Get 3% Cash Back at your local Denny's Restaurant - Includes Take Out

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Charlie's Denny's story (Who is Charlie?)

Once after a show we went to Denny's. While we were eating, a bunch of high school football players started throwing packets of sugar at each other. Some of the packets hit some girls who were sitting in a booth. A guy named Francis who was sitting with the girls got up and started yelling at the football players. In the middle of this heated exchange one of the girls said "Sit down, Francis". And all the football players started saying "Yeah, sit down Fraaancis!". This nearly incited a brawl and the chef came out of the kitchen with a meat cleaver. Eventually, the police showed up and escorted the football players out. Clearly visible, through the window, was the cops slapping the football players on the back as they sent them on their way. This was too much for Francis, who went out and started screaming at the police. Guess who got arrested?  

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