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We provide shoppers with free printable coupons for all of their favorite grocery brands like Kraft, Campbell's, V8, Kellogg's and Pillsbury while providing a wide assortment of online shopping offers and promotions from premium stores like Advance Auto Parts, Gap, PetSmart, JCPenny more.

We have also developed and launched our very own set of Coupon Tools that make the process of finding the coupons our users want and need, quick & seamless from start to print. Leaving them with time to focus on the more important things in life, not just saving money.

How does it work?

Unlike other programs that require visitors to make a purchase before receiving compensation, we pay our affiliates for every new member sign-up they refer to CouponSurfer. Did I mention that it's FREE to become a member?

OK...So what's in it for me?

  • Our default payout is $0.20 for every new member referral
  • A robust Coupon Datafeed that's updated daily
  • 30-day cookie duration for referrals
  • 12% Average Conversion Rate

Unlike other coupon affiliate programs...

  • Your visitors can see all available coupons prior to becoming a member
  • You will get paid after earning $50 across all active merchants (compared to $100 or 3 months for other networks)
  • Our partnership with ShareASale means you receive ALL of your affiliate earnings in one deposit EVERY month

Become an affiliate today, it's Free!

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