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Benefits of Membership

While anyone can view and save with our coupons, to maximize your savings we recommend becoming a member. Members get cash back from local stores and restaurants plus only the coupons they want as well as higher-value coupons and coupons specific to their local area. Plus you can receive customized new coupon alerts for the brands and stores you select. Don't wait another minutes. Join over 2 million other CouponSurfer Members because it's your turn to save.

CouponSurfer's Mission: Saving You Money

It is our mission to save you money whenever you shop through the use of printable coupons, cash back and coupon codes. Start saving right away by viewing our gallery of printable grocery coupons or online shopping deals.

We provide top brand and high-value printable grocery coupons, cash back from local stores and restaurants as well as your favorite online brands' coupons & deals on one user-friendly site, to save our users time and money! Members can sign up to receive personalized new coupon alerts for grocery and shopping categories, so they never miss out on a coupon or deal.

What Our Members Are Saying

"Excellent..Can't ask for better service."

CouponSurfer Member - joanne

"Have rejoined again and should never have stopped using your services,as always you save me time and money by not having to subscribe to many papers to get the coupons needed for my family which I use every time I go to the store. Thank you so much for your service."

CouponSurfer Member - debrac54

"You have the only coupon carrier that I can truly depend upon to give me coupons that I need to keep my grocery bill lower. You carry the best brands, of which I am very grateful. Please keep up the great work!!!""

Enid P. - Albuquerque, NM

"Your company should win an award for "Best Customer Service" I shop online at least once a week and enjoy using your coupon info."

G. Tomminello - Denver, CO

"Thank you so much for saving me "tons" of money. I am a senior citizen and could not afford many of the things I purchase without using CouponSurfer coupons. I always check with CouponSurfer before I purchase anything!"

Glinda - WV

"This is easy. I've never used coupons before, but I like the fact that CouponSurfer keeps me in control. I love the shopping list!"

S. Johnson - Fairfax, VA

"Thank you so much for the coupons. Your site made it very easy and the process took less than 5 minutes. I will be back. Thanks again. I love your short forms and no long surveys to fill out to get the coupons."

Susan H.

"I just had to let you know how wonderful the prescription card is!! I just started using it and within 7-10 days I have saved over $200!! I'm sending this along to all my friends and relatives!!!!"

Amy D. - SC

"First I want to thank you for doing this! I am so excited and have shared your site with all my family and friends."

June V. - FL

"Thank you so much for the help on finding even more great coupons. I have not found any other web site that would help me like you have already. I will tell all of my friends and family about Couponsurfer.com, thanks."

Carol M. - SC

"I was looking to find a coupon for a discounted rate for a Best Western Hotel in Los Angeles. I just happened to find your website via Google and I must admit that I was a bit skeptical but I did find a Best Western coupon - I called to make my hotel reservation and - it worked! I saved 19% on my hotel stay! You guys rock!!!!!"

Audrey A. - Austin, TX

"Excellent service & quality."

CouponSurfer Member - bjbandit

"I love and have used many of your products for years."

CouponSurfer Member - beth59us2000

"Their great. They save me a lot of money."

CouponSurfer Member - jrmcgee101

"Their wonderful, but more importantly they are helping me and my family save money."

CouponSurfer Member - tracym205

"Great!!! We use them all the time."

CouponSurfer Member - mbkkcollins

"Love the product and the coupons."

CouponSurfer Member - mauntjanine

"Great Place to get coupons."

CouponSurfer Member - tcangiano

"So far, I have printed but a few coupons. Not many coupons on the products that I use, but the service and layout is great."

CouponSurfer Member - mdsmith1002000

"I enjoyed your product and will recommend it to a friend."

CouponSurfer Member - movewithtom

"I love the breaks we get on the coupons. They sure help the pocketbook."

CouponSurfer Member - rettasue

"Great deals and cheap prices."

CouponSurfer Member - leighleigh_8204

"Great place for coupons."

CouponSurfer Member - angelfans

"Fantastic products."

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"I can't begin to tell you how much money I have saved since I discovered CouponSurfer! Combined with local sales, this is too good to be true!"

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"It has helped me save money. it has let me save for a vacation with the money I save from the coupons. Thank you."

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"I enjoy getting great coupons from Coupon Surfer. The best of it is, they are all great name-brand coupons with big savings. Thanks."

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"Always has plenty of coupons."

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"Like the product and I will recommend it to friends."

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"Great savings for people who are trying to stretch a dollar."

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"Great place to get coupons."

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"I am very happy to be a CouponSurfer and like the choices you have. I have 4 children and can certainly use the discounts."

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"Coupons are outstanding. Thanks."

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"Love it. Love it. Love it!!"

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"Good coupons. Should have more."

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"I love this site. It is great."

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"I think this site is great. I just joined & I'm looking forward to saving a lot of money in the future with the coupons I can print."

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"I think your site is excellent."

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"I always come to CouponSurfer before each grocery shopping trip and find plenty of coupons to help stretch my budget. Thanks."

CouponSurfer Member - lois61

What Our Clients Are Saying

"CouponSurfer has been a great way for us to gain access to consumers we would have been unable to reach otherwise. They send us people who come with an incentive to buy already in hand."

Bruce Lazare

"Couponsurfer's site easily surpassed a usually challenging Customer Acquisition Cost goal for one of our major clients. If you are looking for buyers this is a great spot for advertising that I highly recommend."

Rachel Wight, Media Director
Beyond Interactive, "The Online Advertising Experts"

"The CouponSurfer program has increased our sales. Their real-time reporting capability helps us fine tune our marketing message to target consumers who are more likely to become an EveryCD member."

Alicia D. Cook, Senior Manager of Internet Marketing
EveryCD, Inc.

"CouponSurfer is a highly effective and viable way to drive traffic to your site. Our campaign has proven to be a success both from a branding and a direct marketing perspective."

Jamie B. Falik

"CouponSurfer is a rapidly growing component of my marketing program. They offer a cost effective way for us to acquire new customers. They even had the program running and started delivering results in less than one day."

John Conroy, Vice President of Marketing

"CouponSurfer provides us with their expert insight on creating successful Internet promotions to drive sales. They are great to work with and offer a marketing program that I don't have to think about."

Philip Posa

"CouponSurfer enables us to increase consumer purchase, site traffic, and brand awareness for our clients. CouponSurfer.com should be part of every on-line marketing plan."

Charles Ruderman, Vice President of Sales and Marketing
RealTIME Media Inc.

"CouponSurfer's co-branded Giftbasket of Coupons program gives our website users an immediate tangible benefit for signing up as members, and a great reason to keep coming back regularly to enter future promotions. More than half the users entering promotions at our site are now members."

Rachel Stone, Website Director

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Become A Partner

CouponSurfer offers a variety of private label and co-branding opportunites that are customizable depending on your Company's goals & objectives. Our opportunities include, but are not limited to, affinity, national brand, national media, on-line, service, and technology partners.

For more information on becoming a CouponSurfer Partner, please contact us at 781.687.9616 X103 or email us.

Sales Programs

Unlike traditional coupons, CouponSurfer.com offers a total promotion package tailored for each individual brand. This package provides a sophisticated system for demographic/geographic targeting and real-time tracking of promotions to individual on-line consumers. CouponSurfer.com offers a secure and nationally available promotion vehicle to build branding, reduce retailer fraud, and lower effective promotion costs. CouponSurfer.com is designed for both on-line and traditional off-line brands and retailers.

Key Benefits of CouponSurfer.com

Target On-line Consumers

Provides an ideal method to reach the growing number of on-line consumers who can no longer be reached through the traditional media vehicles of newspaper and television.

Gain a Competitive Advantage

Establishes a leadership brand presence in the on-line world as the Internet transitions to a mainstream media.

Reduce Coupon Fraud

Secure Internet model supports dynamically generated UCC/EAN-128 coupon extended code to create a 'personal coupon' for each consumer, providing unparalleled audit controls to protect the manufacturer from fraud.

Achieve High Impact Promotions

Provides more impact than a standalone promotion for one company or product. Combine coupons with on-line promotional tools to drive sales and increase consumer loyalty.

Attract New Customers

Increases exposure over the regional and national brand web sites that only attract existing customers, ensuring a steady stream of fresh customers receptive to try new products and services.

Increase Return on Investment

Lower cost per coupon redeemed than most Direct Mail, FSI's, and in store promotions.

Simplify New Product Introductions

Tracks the coupons individual consumers select, giving brands the ability to target specific consumers for new product introductions, product line extensions, complimentary products, competitive situations, and other promotional activities.

Employ Precision Demographic Targeting

Dynamically targets coupons and promotions by zip code, ADI, age, gender, address, pets, number of children, time of day, and other demographic information.

Enhance Consumer Response

Unlike traditional web sites, consumers are receptive to targeted promotions for existing or new brands.

Access Real Time Reports

Track and monitor consumer response by geographic or demographic data. Calculate the Return on Investment for individual promotion programs.

To find out how you can gain a competitive advantage in promoting your products and/or services to on-line consumers. Please contact us at 781.687.9616 x103 or fill out our Sales Form.

Contacting CouponSurfer.com

For questions about using CouponSurfer.com, please first see the CouponSurfer.com FAQ. If you still have questions, please use the following contact information.

Customer Support

Please contact us at support@couponsurfer.com

Investor Relations

Please contact us at info@couponsurfer.com or CouponSurfer, Inc. 1 DeAngelo Drive Bedford MA 01730-2230 USA

Advertising on CouponSurfer.com

Find out how you can gain a competitive advantage in promoting your products and/or services to on-line consumers. Please contact us at 781.687.9616 x105 or through our Sales Form.

CouponSurfer Partner Program

Please contact us at 781.687.9616 x105 or at info@couponsurfer.com

Print, On-line, and Broadcast Journalists only

Please contact us at 781.687.9616 x103 or at press@couponsurfer.com and be sure to notify us if you are on tight deadline.

CouponSurfer.com Careers:

Web Developer Specialist - Coupons

  • Build, update and maintain coupon web sites
  • Add new features and functionality
  • Demonstrate ability to think strategically about complex issues, leading to insightful recommendations
  • Continuously search for, recommend and implement process improvements
  • Contribute ideas to help define a vision for the future of online promotions
  • Bachelor's Degree (or work experience)
  • Knowledge of HTML 5, jQuery, Java Script, PHP, AJAX, Cold Fusion, Android and Database driven web applications
  • Outstanding written and oral communication skills
  • Strong organizational skills and attention to detail
  • Excellent problem-solving and analytical skills
  • Interest in online marketing and e-commerce
  • Open to occasional travel to industry trade shows and events

We offer a comprehensive benefits program (Medical, Dental, Life, 401K, STD, LTD, PTO's, etc...) in a fast-paced work environment with flexible work schedule. Please contact info@couponsurfer.com for more information.

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