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100% Vegetable Juice from concentrate with added ingredients. Half the carbs of orange juice (12 fl oz serving of V8 100% Vegetable Juice has 14g of carbs vs. 38g for orange juice). 70 Calories. Pasteurized for premium quality.

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Easy veggies! Sip it first thing in the morning and you've got your veggies covered for the day!

I rate this product at 90%.

Best juice ever made.

Love V8. Drink it everyday.

Number 1. Like a great meal in a bottle!

I love this stuff. I go with the low sodium and the hot and spicy. I really need the coupons because I go through 2 to 4 a week at work. Great ice cold with red hot sauce.

Best juice ever. I'm a freak for the stuff. Can't get enough.

Wonderful refreshing drink to add to stewing meats & Tomato Based cooking for moisture and taste.

This is a very good juice and the kids love it.

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